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Emotional Spring Cleaning!

Spring is upon us! Spring is often considered the season of all things new. Throughout the year we've gone through various things...good and bad. Spring is considered the time for us to clean out old things to make room for the new. Whether this is a new iteration of ourselves entirely, or just minor changes made, all growth is significant and important. Emotional spring cleaning should be just as much, if not more, of a priority in our lives as physical cleaning and organizing.

In a blog by Sharon Martin, she outlines guiding post for us to emotionally spring clean. She highlights reflecting on things that should be eliminated from our lives such as:


-Unhealthy coping practices

-Toxic Relationships

She also suggests a corresponding reflection on positive practices that we do that we should continue, such as:

-Enough exercise

-Adequate Rest

-Self-care practices

How do you" spring clean" yourselves? When do you take time to reflect on emotional transitions that have taken place in your life yearly, monthly, daily? What are the practices that you commit to, in order to "spring clean" emotionally? What is missing from your practices to ensure this emotional spring cleaning is a priority for you? We would love to hear your thoughts!


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