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If more successful Black men engaged in mentoring would it change the trajectory of youth violence?

It would definitely change the trajectory of Black on Black gun violence in our communities. It starts with the decisions we make as Black males and the guidance and knowledge we pass down to the young Black men coming up behind us. For those of us who are Black and successful, we have to reach out to two or more Black youths and literally show them that we care about their well-being and future. Giving them an image of someone who looks like them in a successful capacity could change a child’s life, especially if they honestly believe you care and are not using them as someone to pity or feel sorry for or are just handing them a playbook that they can’t relate to. I think we desperately need to reestablish the Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring program in our communities. Even reaching out to one child or teen who is struggling to find their way can make a world of difference.

-Excerpt from A Black Man's Kryptonite: Weaponized Child Support; A Cultural Guide to Protection and Recovery

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