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Mom: A Moment of Reflection

Mother’s Day is around the corner! This may be a celebratory day for some-reminding and reinforcing the love that one has received from their mother. This may also be a day, for some, that reminds them of the perceived lack of love from an absent mother or unavailability of their mother. No matter which extreme you find yourself, the relationship between a mother and a child has significant impact and influence on us developmentally and emotionally. This impact unequivocally shapes who we are as adults. With whatever extreme you find yourself at on Mother’s Day, in terms of the relationship you experience with your mother, this can be a time of reflection for all in the person you have grown to be based on your experiences with people who have helped to shape you throughout your life. As we take the opportunity to use this time to reflect on how we were mothered and the ways in which this has shaped us, identify the ways in which your upbringing has shaped who you are...This can be a reflection opportunity for us all, as we can reflect on the ways in which others have possibly mothered you...or even how you may have needed to mother yourself, at times. What are ways that you have mothered yourself or been mothered? How has this shaped who you are today?

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