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Are young Black men educated on the long-term effects of child support requirements?

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

If Black men continue with the act of thinking it is acceptable to father children with multiple women, the government will keep its foot on our necks. Take a second look at how much Black men are earning compared to other races, factor in the types of jobs we are primarily obtaining in the service industry that do not pay very well, then think about all the Black men who are unemployed, specifically some you may know personally. The child support agency could care less about how little you earn. Generally, these agencies are stripping men (non-custodial parents) of 55% of their expendable income (whatever that means). If you calculate how much most Black men earn when they have less education and minimal employment opportunities, 55% subtracted from earnings can cause financial hardships that are impossible to recover from. Even when you think you have your child support under control and are able to start earning more in efforts to dig yourself out of the hole, the state or the child’s mother has a right to examine your earnings every three years or sooner just to ensure that foot stays on your neck. Black men disproportionately owe child support because they cannot afford it, and this stems from disparities in the educational and employment opportunities.

What are your thoughts?

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