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Hello Mitchellverse Family,

As we celebrate Labor Day, which is an annual federal holiday in the United States which is celebrated on the first Monday in September to honor and recognize the American labor movement and the contributions made by her laborers, its important to take time to rest and indulge in things you enjoy. Those things could include reading a book, visiting your local beach, enjoying friends and family, shopping, eating your favorite food, or engaging in physical fitness which is my personal favorite. The activities noted above are different ways we all participate in self-care. According to Lawler (2021), self care is how we remain healthy and well, do our jobs efficiently, and are motivated to help and care for others. In todays climate of so many stressors and catastrophes such as the push for COVID-19 vaccinations, California wild fires, Hurricane Ida's east coast destruction, and the media images pouring in from the collapse of Afghanistan, we have to remember to unplug from these media sources at times and cater to the hopeful/fun-loving spirit we all have when we are able to unwind and relax. So in the heart of Virgo season which is a zodiac sign known for producing workaholics, I encourage everyone to enjoy their labor day, but to also factor in time throughout each week to do something you enjoy.

At Mitchellverse, we would like to know what you do for self care, how often, and are you able to factor in time to do enjoyable activities throughout your busy week. I hope you enjoyed this months post and please stop by and see our self-care collection (plug). Thank you for visiting and responding, Happy Labor Day!

Lawler, M. (2021). What is self-care and why is it critical for your health? Everyday Health.

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