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Unsung Heroes

Father's Day is a day designated to celebrate the male presence in our lives and children's lives. As we acknowledged with our Mother's Day tribute (see last blog post), we recognize that days like this don't always generally represent the traditional role being celebrated for all, or may be a painful day for "daddy-less" daughters and sons. The definition of a "father" is extensively argued. At minimum, if one has experienced a positive male presence in your life, it can be considered to contribute favorably to the development of men and women alike. Maybe you've experienced the best father, who never missed a game, and never missed a love opportunity for his children. Possibly, you've experienced a father that was imperfect, that showed up inconsistently, however, never stopped trying to hit the mark as a father. Perhaps, you've experienced a completely absent father, who minimally or never made the attempt to show up. Maybe, within this, you've experienced a male presence or multiple male presence in your life that really made the difference and provided what you needed. No matter which category you find yourself in, as a man or woman with your experience with male presence or father figures, you can find a male presence or father figure to be celebrated or acknowledged in one or more of life's chapters.

This blog is titled "Unsung Heroes" because there exist many men who are showing up, to the best of their ability, for their children, and may not be as acknowledged as they should be. Mothers are often readily acknowledged, often rightfully, for their position in their children's lives. Arguably, fathers are not so readily acknowledged, for their hard work and dedication to their children and families, as a whole. With any other thing, we also acknowledge that this is not the experience of everyone, but we choose to celebrate the fathers who are getting it right. We celebrate the fathers who are imperfect, and get up everyday to do what is required for their family. We celebrate the "father figures" that made the difference in lives as well. What male presence do you celebrate in your life, as we look toward Father's Day? How have you benefitted from this presence in your life? We would love to hear from you!

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