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What's "luck" got to do with it?

With the celebration of St. Patrick's Day approaching...the idea of "luck" comes into focus. St. Patrick's Day is the celebration of the Irish culture and related traditions. The idea of "luck" associated with this celebration, comes from four leaf clovers (and other good luck charms). Opening up the scope of this, involves the degree of luck in our lives.

-Are there "lucky" ones in the world? Who, no matter what, just draw in all things good?


-Does our effort in life contribute to our outcomes? (Not just "luck")


-Is it both "luck" and skill?

Sand & Jongsma (2020) explored scientific views on "luck" and how much of it plays a part in professional outcomes. This article looked at the ideas of focus groups of scientist on this topic. These focus groups in this article had a general consensus that included that "luck" had less to do with outcomes, and that skills and virtues had more of a favorable outcome on professional ventures.

We want to know:

-How much does "luck" play a part in outcomes (professionally or personally)?

-Does effort or skill override "luck"?

-Do both "luck" and skill play a role in success?

What are your thoughts?!


Martin Sand & Karin Jongsma (2020) Scientists’ views on (moral) luck, Journal of Responsible Innovation, 7:sup2, S64-S85, DOI: 10.1080/23299460.2020.1799623

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